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Video instructions

Tutorial 1: Tools and Watch Parts

- Watch cushion to work on the watch
- Hand setting tool
- Tweezers
- Link Remover and pin punch
- Flathead Screwdriver
- Loupe
- Finger clots 6x

- Stainless steel case with sapphire glass and exhibition case back
- The watch movement NH35A
- crown stem
- A watch dial (and washer for THE EXPLORER)
- Watch hands (hour minute and seconds)
- strap/bracelet

Tutorial 2: 12 pm set and dial attachment

Put on finger clots
Insert crown stem into the movement
Place movement on center of the watch cushion
Move the crown out by 1 position and twist clockwise. Stop when the date starts changing.
Hold dial and align feet with the two holes on the movement
Press down gently until dial sits firm on the movement

Tutorial 3: Attach hands to nh35 movement and test

Use tweezers to set the hour hand onto the hour shaft. Align it towards the 12 o clock position. Use hand installation tool to press down on hour hand. The pressure exerted should be similar to the pressure needed for writing with a pen. Repeat the same process for the minute and the second hands, trying to align them as close as possible over the 12 o clock position. The goal is to install all hands parallel and with a little room between them to move freely.

Once all hands are firm and parallel above the dial, move the crown up into the second position and twist clockwise. Observe that the hands move freely without touching and the hour, minute and seconds movement are aligned. Tip: if this is not the case, the easiest is to carefully push a flathead between dial and movement and slowly push up. This will also move the hands up. Once removed try again to install the hands evenly.

Tutorial 4: Removing Crown stem NH 35 movement

Remove crown stem from the movement. To do so press on the lever to the right of the stem opening on the movement. The lever is only visible when the crown and stem are all the way pressed in.

Tutorial 5: Removal case back and inserting movement NH 35

Remove watch bottom by pressing on it gently with 3 clotted fingers and twist counterclockwise. Don’t lose the rubber ring on the inside of the case.
Insert movement with dial and hands into the watch case and align the 3 o clock position with the crown.

Tutorial Part 6: Crown switch, stem insert and closing watch case

Remove the temporary crown from the stem and attach the crown that is provided with the case.

Insert stem into the watch case and movement. Don’t oversupply pressure, instead wiggle and twist slightly until the stem click into the movement. Then press in and screw tight.

Move crown out by one position and twist hands until date change occurs. If steps 2 and 3 were followed correctly the date change should happen around 12 am.

Now close the case back firmly by twisting it clockwise. Wear finger clots for traction. This technique prevents overwinding and should close the case firm enough to achieve waterproofness. Make sure the rubber ring sits on top of the case winding.

Tutorial 7: Attaching the strap

Attach strap/bracelet using the spring bar tool.
Use flathead screwdriver if any links in the bracelet need to be removed/added.