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Follow our Video instructions

1) Your Watchmaking Kit "DIVER"

In your watch box you find all the parts and tools you need to assemble your watch.

Set up a clean work space and arrange all items in front of you.

You receive the following tools:
- Stainless Steel Anti Magnetic Tweezers
- Link removal and pin punch tool
- Hand setting tool
- Loupe
- Watch cushion
- finger clots

You receive the following parts:
- Self-winding watch movement NH35
- 40 mm stainless steel case with glass bottom
- dial
- watch hands
- leather strap or stainless steel bracelet

2) Crown Transfer DIVER

- Remove crown from watch case
- Remove crown stem from movement by pressing the lever above the stem tunnel
- Hold crown stem with tweezer end and attach the metal crown
- Insert crown stem into the movement again

3) Attaching the Dial

- Align 3 pm position above date window next to crown stem
- Press down gently to push movement legs into movement
- Turn Movement until date starts to change (for hand alignment in next video), keeping movement in "Position 2"

4) Attaching the hands

- Attach hour hand by pressing with black side of hand setting tool. Apply about as much pressure as needed when writing with a pen. Once firm above the 12 am position (midnight) move stem out to position 2 and turn forward. If all steps were followed correctly, the date change should occur in about 24 hours.
- Use black side of handsetting tool again to press down the minute hand parallel to hour hand
- wear loupe for magnification to see the pin on top of the centre wheel pivot
- Place second hand on top of centre wheel pivot and press down gently with white side of handsetting tool.
- Turn forward again to check all hands are moving correctly.

5) Removing the crown stem

Remove the crown stem from movement, ideally without laying it face down (to prevent hands misalignment).

6) Inserting movement and sealing the case

- Lower case onto dial and align stem hole with 3pm / date window.
- Turn movement around using the watch cushion
- Insert crown stem into movement and screw
- Screw case back onto movement using traction of finger clots

Attaching the strap

Attach strap using the spring bar tool. With the case back facing up, insert one end of the spring bar. Then push back the spring on the other end and release it into the second lug hole. Try to avoid scratching the case in the process.